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Jason DVD and Video to MP3 converter is an audio ripper. It allows you to convert video files and DVD movies into MP3. What this does is "rip" the audio track from those video files and save it to an MP3 file. The application is really basic, with a design that makes it look rather old. The first time that I launched the application, I was told that if a file didn't open, I could go online and get a decoder pack, and I did, just in case. Still, the application refused to work for me.

I tried both converting a video file and a DVD movie to an MP3 file. First, I loaded an FLV file and selected MP3 as the output format. Then, I clicked on "Convert" and the destination folder opened, but no file was converted. The same happened when I tried to load a DVD movie. First, I got a screen asking me to select the title, and audio track from a drop-down menu, but the menu was empty. So, I simply clicked on "OK". The list of titles in the DVD was added to the queue, so I selected one of them and clicked on "convert"; still nothing.

During my time with this tool, I saw other errors that I could bypass, but the application seems to be broken right now. And I wasn't able to complete a single conversion.

José Fernández
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